From non-profits and social organizations to trade groups and advocacy firms, associations have an important role in today’s political, social, and economic environment.  They contribute to business markets through marketing and advertising, fundraising and donations, lobbying and political action.  However, associations do not generate income like most enterprises.  Instead, these organizations depend upon membership fees, donations, and fundraisers.

With such budget constraints, most associations find it hard to balance multiple expenses incurred by communication processes.  Paying for fax machines, maintenance fees, telephone lines, technical staff support, increases in manual labor, and office supplies can spike up operating costs, reducing the ability of these groups to direct resources to their intended missions.  Graphnet offers cost-effective, outsourced messaging solutions for associations of all kinds, allowing them to focus on essential mission-related issues and member relations.

Communication is the key to success when it comes to reaching out to constituents, politicians, industry leaders, and the general public.  Our services provide unified messaging platforms to streamline your organization’s technical processes, increasing both the efficiency and effectiveness of your communications.  Our solutions are customized to client requirements and are developed specifically with your needs in mind.

Graphnet helps associations:

  • Communicate easily, personally, and effectively with members, donors, and supporters
  • Handle mass marketing campaigns via email, fax, voice message, or even SMS services
  • Broadcast lobbying efforts to hundreds and thousands of organizations, firms, or offices
  • Distribute education and awareness brochures, newsletters, and alerts to constituents quickly and securely
  • Launch membership campaigns, drawing in prospects using viral marketing
  • Reduce marketing, maintenance, and operating costs, while increase revenues
  • Streamline information transport, dues collection, and other various processes
  • Improve business efficiency and enhance customer experience

Our services offer:

  • A comprehensive outsourced solution that never relies on third-party software
  • Consultation, development, and integration services with no interruption to clients
  • Integrated fax, email, voice, and SMS services for easy access on unified mailboxes
  • Guaranteed business continuity and client-specific service level agreements for an optimal solution
  • Easy-to-use web interfaces that are accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Customizable applications and messages that maintain the appearance of your organization
  • Personalization of messages and information that help increase responsiveness of recipients
  • Call transfer options that connect members receiving voice messages to designated call centers
  • ‘Send-a-friend’ and unsubscribe links with leading text that can be tailored
  • Detailed tracking and reporting features
  • No limits on message traffic or bandwidth

Whether your association focuses on the manufacturing industry or the retail industry, environmental protection or civil rights, Graphnet’s messaging solutions can save you money while automating technical tasks, relieving your staff of tedious manual labor.  Simplifying and centralizing your information management and transport, our services have been helping associations for years.  We look forward to working with you.

For more information, or to speak with a sales representative, please visit the Contact Us page today.