HIPAA Compliant Business Solutions

Graphnet’s networks and systems are annually certified for HIPAA compliance by an external leading technology and engineering communications company.  This enables Graphnet to offer outsourced enterprise solutions for healthcare organizations, whose document transfer processes are constantly shadowed by HIPAA requirements.

With our integrated solutions and comprehensive products, our clients never have to worry about transferring medical information in electronic format.

  • Graphnet’s multimedia services are run through our own proprietary, Virtual Private Network, ensuring that all information is transmitted with the utmost security and confidentiality.
  • Our scalable and redundant system architecture guarantees that time-sensitive messages are delivered without delay or interruption. Our backup and disaster recovery procedures assure that information is never lost.
  • Custom templates, headers and footers, and cover pages allow organizations to authenticate exchanges of electronic data. Password protection of electronic files insures that no unauthorized persons access critical and sensitive information.
  • Graphnet allows clients to track their electronic transfers, keeping an audit trail of all accesses and transfers. Archiving options also give health care organizations an added advantage as it does not require any space from clients.
  • Even our staff is prohibited from accessing client information, except in circumstances where that access is required for Graphnet’s business process such as system maintenance or backup creation. Even then, these personnel are only allowed access to information which is pertinent to their work.  For more information, visit our Data Security and Privacy Policy pages.

Graphnet’s ability to offer client-specific business solutions that are unique and customizable makes it the ideal HIPAA compliant information transport provider.

For more on how Graphnet has developed solutions for the Healthcare industry, visit our ROI Enhancement page or our Case Studies page.