Services List

Web-Fax Inbound Messaging



  • Graphnet offers global inbound enterprise desktop fax solutions.
  • This streamlined service eliminates fax equipment and allows each user to receive fax messages at their designated email address.
  • Users may request wireless SMS alerts for each inbound fax delivery received.
  • Graphnet also provides inbound SMS services, offering both long numbers and shortcodes, as well as shared numbers (see SMS for more information.)

Web-Fax Outbound Messaging

Providing comprehensive outbound messaging solutions via fax, email, and SMS, Graphnet offers an impressive array of value-added features.  

These include:

  • Customizable cover pages
  • Customizable headers and footers for fax pages
  • Electronic signatures
  • Template or form overlay
  • Broadcast lists
  • Over 50 file conversion formats
  • Priority/scheduled delivery
  • Customized retry algorithms
  • Alternate routing to secondary destination
  • “Bad” number databases
  • Customizable delivery notices to comply with client format requirements
  • Document archiving

Voice Broadcast


  • Graphnet’s voice broadcast services enables your enterprise to send audio messages to thousands of people simultaneously. 
  • Clients simply record a voice message, select a list of recipients from a pre-stored database, and deliver the message instantaneously (or schedule it for deferred delivery.)
  • Users can record their message via touch-tone voice prompts or can submit a .wav file for distribution, using a web interface or FTP. 
  • Our voice broadcast services also come with enhanced features, including call center transfers for message recipients who wish to speak to live operators.

Auxiliary Web Services


  • Graphnet offers web-enabled interactive services to compliment its outbound and inbound fax services, outbound email services, SMS services, and voice broadcast management services.  
  • These include branded websites with customized interactive services to meet enterprise client requirements and needs. 
  • Users can manage their broadcast database by uploading/downloading and modifying lists, track the delivery status of their messages, resend or cancel messages, edit their user profiles, manage online billing and reports, and do much more.

SMS Services



  • Graphnet’s Mobile Messaging Platform (MMP) is fully integrated into the existing unified messaging platform to enable Graphnet’s clients to send and receive mobile messages worldwide.  
  • Graphnet’s MMP is used by companies to send alerts (account balances, payment reminders), information (local weather reports, traffic delays), confirmations (trade confirmations, stock updates) and more. 
  • Graphnet’s new mobile messaging platform is an example of innovative mobile communications that streamline customers’ business processes.