Solutions to Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Over the years, Graphnet has served as an outsourced telecommunications vendor for many Fortune 1000 companies, providing unique ways to meet challenges posed by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and other such requirements.

With products and services that automate inefficient manual processes, Graphnet helps eliminate the security and privacy risks found in many business functions.  Our customized solutions and various value-added features make it easier to track financial records, maintain documentation of electronic transfers, and protect confidential information during data transport – ensuring that our clients stay fully compliant with corporate guidelines.

Graphnet implements multiple measures in order to offer enhanced compliancy solutions to our clients, allowing them to focus on their core business areas.

  • All data is sent over our proprietary Virtual Private Network (VPN), using multiple firewalls, encryption, and password protection.
  • Real-time document tracking is provided, complete with summary reports – as well as detailed reports – for each message transmission.  Various tracking and reporting options help maintain paper trails for corporate audits and records.
  • Optional storage and archiving features are available for transmitted data, preserving the integrity and backup of important corporate information.  Clients can choose to archive all messages or configure data to be erased from Graphnet’s systems.
  • By default, in accordance with our privacy policies, Graphnet retains client data for a short term period before permanent deletion from our systems.  Even without default long-term archiving, Graphnet retains a compliant solution in these cases by sending confirmation, delivery, or cancellation notices to client users, giving IT departments internal control over the archiving of these records.  In this way, compliancy is achieved without sacrificing information privacy.  However, upon request, Graphnet can provide long-term electronic data storage.
  • Billing options allow administrators and managers to track system usage through specially assigned user codes that can be categorized individually or by department – maintaining accuracy and accountability for audit trails and financial inquiries.
  • All information is secure from unauthorized access and tampering by using password protection, locking shared message templates and distribution lists, routing messages to intended recipients, and implementing various other means.
  • Even our staff members are prohibited from accessing client information, except in circumstances where that access is required for Graphnet’s business process such as system maintenance or backup creation. Even then, these personnel are only allowed access to information which is pertinent to their work.  For more information, visit our Data Security and Privacy Policy pages.

With powerful system integration and solution development services, Graphnet is the ideal information transport provider for corporations who are faced with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.  Offering cost-effective and simple ways to preserve security, accountability, and transparency, Graphnet streamlines business functions to increase company ROI.

To find out more about how we can help your enterprise, visit the ROI Enhancement page, or simply contact us.