How to Make Sure Employees Read Their Faxes

Leading Business Solutions Provider Introduces New Service Feature

New York City – Graphnet Inc., a pioneer in the data transport industry, today announced the addition of a new feature to its inbound fax-to-email service.  The feature, called the Failsafe Delivery Service (FDS) option, ensures that incoming electronic fax messages are read in a timely manner.

Allowing clients to specify a timeframe during which received faxes should be read, FDS monitors such messages, so that if they are not opened within that period, duplicate messages will be sent to an alternate failsafe address.  Clients can incorporate their business hours and vacation days into the system, configuring the FDS option to only count working hours and not after-hour periods, weekends, or holidays.

This means that if a client company wants its employees to read their electronic fax messages within 2 hours of receipt, it will set a timeframe of 2 hours. If the company’s hours are 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday, then messages received, for example, by 10am Thursday will have a timeframe that ends by 12pm that same day. Meanwhile, messages received by 4pm on Friday will have a timeframe that ends Monday at 10am, not Friday at 6pm – allowing employees the flexibility to check their messages on Monday morning, instead of being hassled with duplicate messages over the weekend.

“This is revolutionary because, as far as I know, FDS is the first feature of its kind that basically tracks when a fax email is opened and consequently undertakes a failsafe procedure when that message is not opened within a specified timeframe or if that message is not delivered properly,”

says Larry Cohen, Graphnet’s Product Manger.

“It’s amazingly useful because electronic delivery of faxes is never guaranteed – sometimes a user’s inbox is full and the fax bounces, sometimes the email program filters out the fax as spam, and sometimes the message gets blocked or experiences errors.”

Inbound fax-to-email services work by linking a fax number with an email destination.  All faxes sent to that specific number are thereby converted into an email message by the service provider, who then transmits that message to the client’s inbox.  The problem here is that sometimes the email never gets to the client because of technical issues, such as the ones detailed above.  FDS addresses these shortcomings by protecting this last link between the client’s inbox and Graphnet’s servers; immediately notifying Graphnet personnel if an error occurs in message transmission.

What makes FDS unique, however, is not the procedure taken in event of delivery errors, but rather the procedure taken when the received message is not opened on time.  Able to send duplicate, trackable messages to alternate emails and failsafe contacts automatically, FDS takes a step forward in providing customer-oriented, quality services for fax-to-email solutions.

As Mr. Cohen explains,

“Even when messages are received without technical problems, employees might forget to read their faxes, they might be out of the office, or the fax could have time-sensitive information.  Using FDS, companies can make sure that their workers read these documents.  That’s the real added-value of this feature.”

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