Killing the Corporate Fax Machine

BOSTON, Oct. 30 – P.R. Newswire

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, the fax machine poses a direct threat to business efficiency.  Its limited abilities in receiving and sending messages causes bottlenecks in document transfer, while its lack of automation demands high levels of dedicated manual labor.  For enterprises that require streamlined communications, the machine only slows down crucial functions, while stripping away valuable resources that can otherwise be allocated to a company’s core competencies.

The problem is that, no matter how inefficient fax machines are, faxing itself still plays an important role in communications.  Faster than sending information by post and easier than using scanners to email electronic documents, faxing is far from obsolete.  In many cases, corporations might conduct business matters with individual customers, small businesses, and global offices that only have access to fax machines.

What, then, can enterprises do to retain faxing capabilities, while getting rid of the physical machine? The answer to this paradox is found in replacing the technology with either in-house or outsourced solutions.  Both alternatives enable client users to send faxes directly from their desktops and receive faxes in their email inboxes.  Faced with a choice that will impact core functions, customer relations, and operating budgets, corporations want to be sure that they are making the right decision.

As Joseph Sciberras says,

“Faxing for large companies is different from consumer faxing.  Corporate clients will need to broadcast faxes to hundreds, if not thousands, of recipients simultaneously. Of course this information can be time-sensitive and extremely confidential. That’s why fax machines just won’t cut it – and neither will in-house solutions”.

Mr. Sciberras has spent over 37 years as a salesperson for the electronic fax industry. Currently working for Graphnet, Inc., he personally believes that the best service available for corporate clients comes from small- or medium-sized outsourced providers.

“Outsourced solution vendors are the ones that will pay enough attention to the needs of large business clients because they depend on the revenues month after month.  They aren’t selling a one-time product.  They don’t require clients to house and train technicians and staff.  They don’t make clients purchase new software, hardware, or upgrades, in order to stay up-to-date with the newest technology.  Plus, the smaller providers actually try to develop cost-efficient custom solutions for clients, instead of offering some packaged fluff like the bigger giants.”

Mr. Sciberras’s employer, Graphnet, Inc. has played a vital role in eliminating the fax machine from various Fortune 1000 companies.  With expert inbound and outbound outsourced fax solutions, as well as email, telephony, and SMS capabilities, the company has over three decades of experience in the data transport industry.

When it comes down to it, corporations need something better than a fax machine.  They need alternate solutions that retain faxing capabilities, while streamlining business processes, automating non-value added functions, and enhancing overall productivity.  However, one must keep in mind that deciding between in-house and outsourced services should be left to the individual companies and their management, as the needs and budgets of each company varies.


Graphnet, Inc. is a global telecommunications provider that focuses on outsourced, enterprise data transport solutions.  Having pioneered the information transfer industry for over 30 years, the company provides inbound and outbound fax services for broadcast and point-to-point purposes.  In addition, Graphnet also offers email broadcast, along with voice broadcast and inbound/outbound SMS services.  With its own R&D department, proprietary network, and capabilities as an Application Service Provider, Graphnet specializes in developing integrated and unified solutions for various industry needs.

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