Outsourced Faxing For Enterprises

Faxing can get frustrating, especially for corporate businesses.  Fax servers get overwhelmed and experience downtimes due to usage, bandwidth and capacity issues.  Fax machines are limited in the amount of documents that can be sent or received at a certain time.  Both require constant monitoring, maintenance, and upgrading – as well as physical storage space.  Clearly, heavy amounts of labor and effort must be dedicated to fax functions, when using in-house solutions or fax machines – taking essential resources away from core business areas.

The problem is that even though faxing is a pain, it is a necessary evil when it comes to transferring important documents.  Banks need to send and receive statements, healthcare professionals need to share medical records, insurance companies need to deliver quotes, associations need to connect with their members, and stock traders need to broadcast time-sensitive information.  Whatever the industry, fax functions play a crucial role in communicating with and providing services to customers, investors, and partners.  Thankfully, in-house fax solutions and fax machines alike can be replaced by a simple and efficient outsourced solution.

Unlike in-house fax servers and fax machines, outsourced solutions don’t take away any human resources from the core business.  Instead, by moving fax functions out of the corporation, outsourcing frees employees and IT personnel, enabling the company to reallocate them to well-needed areas.  These external solutions also help automate messaging processes, and in doing so, increases worker productivity and decreases the use of manual labor.  For this reason, many enterprises have been able to focus more on customer relations and product/service research and development after moving away from traditional fax machines and internal fax solutions.

Financially speaking, outsourced solutions can also be much more cost-efficient than the alternatives.  While fax machines are not cost-efficient at all for large enterprises that require bulk data transport, in-house solutions do save corporations a lot of money.  However, the initial investment for in-house solutions can be massive because hardware, software, and training all require capital, whereas the initial investment for outsourced solutions is much less – especially when various outsourced solutions providers compete for customers.

In the long run, in-house solutions can prove to be a good financial investment, provided that cost and usage expectations are met.  Yet, often, unexpected costs occur when companies find themselves maintaining their system internally, revising their legacy software, and paying for frequent staff trainings.  Additionally, overestimating capacity demand for the in-house technology may result in overspending.  For these reasons, outsourced solutions are usually a safer choice.  With little or no extra cost, they can provide expert support staff, software and system integration services, and external maintenance and management.

Outsourcing faxing processes, as well as general information transport processes, achieves business-to-business and business-to-consumer communications in an optimized and cost-efficient manner.  As technology continues to advance, keeping up with the newest developments can prove to be a hassle for enterprises who want to maximize their ROI.  Thankfully, external vendors offer services that remove the need to sacrifice time and resources.  A good outsourced solutions provider will use only the latest technology, ensuring that client business processes are streamlined.  In essence, in-house fax solutions and traditional fax machines lack the adaptability that outsourced solutions can provide.

In the end, it is up to the individual enterprise to decide what type of faxing solution is best suited for company needs.  Fax machines provide a cheap solution when businesses rarely fax anything, but will fail to perform when usage increases heavily.  In-house solutions can replace fax machines and simplify messaging processes, yet can cause long-term liabilities when unexpected costs and problems arise.  Outsourced solutions seemingly offer the best value, hosting its own facilities, developing its own technologies, integrating and customizing services and products to meet client needs, and streamlining enterprise business processes – at the sole price of direct company control over fax and messaging technicalities.  If businesses are willing to leave these functions in the hands of outside providers, then outsourced faxing just might be the best solution for the corporate world.


*Graphnet, Inc. is a global telecommunications provider that focuses on outsourced, enterprise data transport solutions.  Having pioneered the information transfer industry for over 30 years, the company provides inbound and outbound fax services for broadcast and point-to-point purposes.  In addition, Graphnet also offers email broadcast, along with voice broadcast and inbound/outbound SMS services.  With its own R&D department, proprietary network, and capabilities as an Application Service Provider, Graphnet specializes in developing integrated and unified solutions for various industry needs.

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