support for unique requirements

In today’s fast-paced market, many enterprises are looking to decrease transaction costs, streamline workflows, and increase automation. These enterprises need solution providers that can offer tight integration with legacy systems and multiple protocol types, working efficiently around the inflexible nature of existing business technologies. Graphnet’s services provide support for unique requirements, as well as various problems commonly encountered by large enterprise organizations each with their own unique challenges and needs.


Graphnet’s capabilities in multiple-protocol integration, combined with years of experience in providing high-quality value-added services, offer an ideal competitive advantage to financial enterprises. Guaranteeing both message management applications and data transport without third party reliance, Graphnet is a single-source solution provider. Our banking and finance clients never have to purchase additional software, pay for expensive servers or technology, face hassles in maintaining inhouse solutions, or struggle with various disparate vendors.


  • Speed up information delivery
  • Manage emails, faxes, and other forms of electronic communication
  • Improve information security and privacy
  • Provide reliable information tracking, as well as an audit trail
  • Increase company/employee accountability
  • Shorten business cycles
  • Mitigate risks
  • Increase ROI and decrease TCO


Today, healthcare organizations face increasing challenges in the social and financial environment. HIPAA regulations demand that enterprises in the industry allocate increasing amounts of resources toward compliance measures. Rising costs of insurance premiums coupled with decreasing amounts of reimbursements have pushed healthcare providers to close facilities, leaving entire areas without adequate services. Medical errors and a shortage of nurses have also maimed the quality of service that hospitals are expected to maintain and promote. With lowered staff personnel, reduced operating budgets, and lack of focus on patient care, the healthcare system has become fraught and encumbered.


Though Graphnet’s services cannot alleviate all of these problems, we can aid healthcare
organizations in refocusing their resources towards providing quality care. Our information
management and transport solutions enable both hospitals and healthcare insurance providers to:

  • Meet HIPAA regulations and stay compliant amidst changing environments
  • Save on operating costs, reducing budget concerns
  • Increase automation of non-value-added processes
  • Streamline technical business processes
  • Improve security and privacy of critical and personal medical information
  • Keep electronic audit trails of all information sent and received
  • Transport personalized patient information securely
  • Centralize, unify, and customize messaging platforms


The communications industry is at the forefront of today’s business market. Enterprises are leading technological advances in voice over IP (VoIP), fax over IP (FoIP), mobile services, internet services, and other various areas. Increased OU competition in the market has put pressure on communications companies to retain existing clients, while formulating innovative ways to attract new business. Allowing you to focus on research and development, strategic planning, and customer relations, Graphnet provides a cost-effective, outsourced solution for information management and transportation.


  • Automate non-value-added business processes, lowering manual labor input and allowing for allocation of employees to more important tasks/projects
  • Increase marketing effectiveness using message personalization and customization
  • Provide comprehensive electronic communication services with reliable tracking and reporting
  • Offer network connectivity, broadcast services, and information transport services for communication companies looking to outsource costly segments of their core business
  • Reduce operational costs and TCO, allowing you to realize greater ROI


For today's complex network that comprises the insurance industry, Graphnet provides an efficient, independent communication layer that streamlines front-end and back-end electronic transactions. Our cost-efficient, outsourced solutions guarantee end results that are secure, accurate, and fast. Our platforms ensure straight-through processing, automating and streamlining technical business processes while reducing manual labor. In addition, Graphnet’s unified communications system guarantees that all messages meet corporate and compliance standards.


  • Send secure and private information to specified parties
  • Send & receive marketing materials, hard copy documents, photos, certificates, contracts, etc.
  • Personalize messages and critical documents
  • Integrate data stored on multiple systems
  • Customize company messages and customer/department billing statements
  • Move communications functions offsite to free up space
  • Allocate resources to specialized fields and core business areas
  • Deliver bulk broadcasts to agents, brokers, policyholders, and partners
  • Remain competitive with the highest quality value-added features
  • Deploy unified messaging (fax, email, SMS, voice)


Graphnet offers consultancy, development, and integration services in order to customize solutions to our manufacturing clients' requirements. Our services guarantee a secure and scalable unified messaging platform – maintaining business continuity, automating non-value-added manual processes, and freeing up company personnel to focus on core-competent areas. Optimize the way your manufacturing enterprise transports and manages information with Graphnet and you will never look back.


  • Help increase ROI and decrease TCO
  • Provide communications among factory workers, employees, customers, suppliers, resellers, retail buyers, business partners, investors, and franchises
  • Personalize critical and sensitive information
  • Customize messages for increased company brand value
  • Ensure secure, always-available connectivity on our Virtual Private Network
  • Offer data security and information privacy with comprehensive policies
  • Integrate information spread across multiple systems, departments, and locations
  • Guarantee high-quality, enhanced value-added features


In today’s rapidly changing markets, enterprises in the technology industry must place special emphasis upon research and development in order to stay competitive. However, designing new products and making breakthroughs or advances is not enough. They also need to communicate with manufacturers, retail buyers, investors, customers, and sales agents – if they want to succeed financially. Graphnet helps these companies streamline information transport, allowing them to concentrate resources from extraneous technical processes to essential core areas.


  • Guaranteed connectivity to our secure, proprietary Virtual Private Network
  • Data security and information privacy
  • Optimal solutions with client-specific service level agreements
  • Auxiliary web services, available from any internet-accessible location
  • Tracking and reporting of all communications
  • A scalable network architecture, allowing for unlimited amounts of traffic
  • Enhanced value-added features


Many of today’s transportation companies rely upon fax and email to confirm deliveries, broadcast order placements, alert clients and relevant personnel, notify employees of changes in shipments, send purchase orders, and so on. However, in bulk, these messaging processes pose a burden to the enterprise’s IT departments, overworking employees and increasing manual labor that spike budget expenses and costs. Additionally, in-house solutions become a liability, as under-usage, server downtimes, separate systems, and maintenance fees weigh down company processes.


  • Unified messaging platforms (fax, email, SMS)
  • Customization of applications and messages to promote company brand value and meet regulations
  • Personalization of documents for improved communications and client relations
  • Data security and information privacy
  • Detailed tracking and reporting on sensitive, critical messages
  • Integration of data located on separate systems, or in different departments or geographic locations
  • Message encryption and multiple firewalls for added security
  • Always-available connectivity to our proprietary Virtual Private Network
  • Comprehensive solutions that never require third-party software

government organizations

The business of government calls for crucial communications in order to sustain the functions of providing quality public service. Agencies must be able to accommodate the needs of diverse individuals and organizations, allowing them to conduct business with the government from convenient locations at any time. Therefore, information needs to be centralized and streamlined to ensure accessibility and efficiency. However, many agencies today still deploy manual labor for technical tasks that place a burden on employees and cause delays in service. Graphnet offers outsourced information transport solutions that automate these tedious processes, returning organizational focus to core government areas.


  • Data encryption, user authentication, multiple firewalls, and customized filtering to meet security compliance standards
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery so agencies never have to worry about data loss
  • Scalable and customizable messaging infrastructure and applications
  • Confidential, accelerated delivery of critical documents
  • Smooth integration with legacy systems and multiple protocols
  • Always-available, secure connectivity to our proprietary Virtual Private Network
  • Data security and information privacy
  • Personalization of messages and documents in fax and email broadcasts
  • A unified messaging platform (fax, email, and SMS services)
  • Customization of interfaces and messages to maintain agency presence and to comply with requirements
  • Integration of disparate data located on different systems, in various departments, or in separate offices worldwide


From non-profits and social organizations to trade groups and advocacy firms, associations have an important role in today’s political, social, and economic environment. But because associations do not generate income like most enterprises, many find it hard to balance the multiple expenses incurred by communication processes. Paying for fax machines, maintenance fees, telephone lines, technical staff support, increases in manual labor, and office supplies can spike up operating costs, reducing the ability of these groups to direct resources to their intended missions. Enter Graphnet: we offer cost-effective, outsourced messaging solutions for associations of all kinds, allowing you to focus on essential mission-related issues and member relations.


  • Consultation, development, and integration services with no interruption to clients
  • Integrated fax, email, and SMS services for easy access on unified mailboxes
  • Guaranteed business continuity and client-specific service level agreements for an optimal solution
  • Easy-to-use web interfaces that are accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Customizable applications and messages that maintain the appearance of your organization
  • Personalization of messages and information that help increase responsiveness of recipients
  • Call transfer options that connect members receiving voice messages to designated call centers
  • ‘Send-a-friend’ and unsubscribe links with leading text that can be tailored
  • Detailed tracking and reporting features
  • No limits on message traffic or bandwidth