Communications Industry

The communications industry is at the forefront of today’s business market.  Enterprises are leading technological advances in voice over IP (VoIP), fax over IP (FoIP), mobile services, internet services, and other various areas.  Increasing competition in the market has put pressure on communications companies to retain existing clients, while formulating innovative ways to attract new business.  Allowing you to focus on research and development, strategic planning, and customer relations, Graphnet provides a cost-effective, outsourced solution for information management and transportation.

Our solutions allow communications businesses to accomplish technical functions without the use of already limited company resources.  Helping back offices and IT departments, Graphnet’s services streamline:

  • Accounts payables, account receivables, & billing processes
  • Marketing support and sales force automation
  • Client, investor, partner, and employee communications

Pioneering data transport by fax, email, SMS, and voice, we can help your company send:

  • Electronic statements
  • Time-sensitive alerts
  • Investor relations notifications
  • Sales, advertising, and promotional literature
  • Personalized broadcasts (fax, email, SMS, and even voice messages)
  • Public relations materials, news articles, etc.
  • Critical, secure information

Graphnet can manage enterprise business processes, allowing your company to focus on current development and long-tern planning.  Our single-source solutions:

  • Reduce operational costs and TCO, allowing you to realize greater ROI
  • Automate non-value-added business processes, lowering manual labor input and allowing for allocation of employees to more important tasks/projects
  • Increase marketing effectiveness using message personalization and customization
  • Provide comprehensive electronic communication services with reliable tracking and reporting
  • Offer network connectivity, broadcast services, and information transport services for communication companies looking to outsource costly segments of their core business

With over 30 years of expertise, Graphnet guarantees secure, simple, and cost-effective business to business communications.  For more information on how we can help other communication enterprises, Contact Us today!