Consultations, Development, Implementation

Graphnet provides IT consultations with our corporate offerings.  This enables us to deliver optimized, cost-effective and highly reliable telecommunication services for data and telephony requests.  The IT consultancy business unit collaborates with the R&D department, the Application-Engineering group, and theNetworkOperationsCenterto design unique solutions, specifically suited for each client.

When a company requests Graphnet’s consultancy services, a team of highly-trained employees is assigned to create and implement the required solution.  These technicians, engineers and developers analyze the customer’s systems and technology, and conceptualize an ideal proposal to meet specified needs.

Following consultation, the team begins to design the new system architecture and its corresponding applications.  Graphnet personnel then create test beds in order to assess and perfect the application software without interrupting the client’s existing systems.

After the prototype has operated successfully under testing solutions, a finalized version is integrated with the client’s actual systems.  Throughout all stages of development and implementation, Graphnet works hard to ensure total business continuity for our clients.

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