About Us

Graphnet, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated data messaging technology and services. We are one of the most recognized brand names in the information transport industry, and boast an extensive list of customers, including Fortune 1000 enterprises, government agencies and global businesses.  Our clients depend on us to provide feature-rich messaging services through a scalable and secure network.

At the center of Graphnet’s operations is a robust, multi-protocol, multimedia messaging platform, which provides unparalleled service by guaranteeing availability, reliability, and interoperability.  Our applications integrate seamlessly with our customer’s residential software and network infrastructure, so that business operations are never interrupted, even throughout implementation.

Graphnet’s vast multimedia enterprise content management services include:

  • Desktop messaging solutions, compatible with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, PeopleSoft, and SAP
  • Host messaging solutions that integrate with MQ series, BAI, AS400, SNA, Tandem, ACH, Swift, and various proprietary applications
  • High-volume multimedia broadcast messaging services, allowing for secure broadcasts of personalized emails and faxes through Merge capabilities
  • Multimedia inbound messaging services (Fax, Email, SMS) on unified platforms
  • Enhanced secure email services
  • Interactive voice broadcast services
  • Value-added wireless messaging services
  • Message switching systems and peripherals
  • Extensive selection of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow customers to customize the way they send messages
  • File transfer and conversion capabilities that support over 50 file formats
  • Comprehensive, custom-branded web-enabled messaging