Data Security Procedures

Graphnet’s services provide enterprises with multiple levels of information protection. Various procedures help ensure that we fulfill our service, privacy and security guarantees.

Secure Connectivity

Graphnet implements secure links between a client’s messaging system and Graphnet’s gateways.  These “dedicated” links transport data over a protected network and are much safer than the internet or a phone line.  Graphnet only accepts messages from the client’s systems over the secure connection. Likewise, clients only receive data from Graphnet via this method.

Secure Message Transport

Graphnet ensures that sensitive business information remains secure during inbound and outbound message transport.  All server-to-server transmissions are performed over a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and all core systems are behind multiple firewalls.  3DES and AES encryption standards are utilized on all servers that process message content.  All traces of delivered information, including message content, can be configured for deletion from the Graphnet systems. However, clients can request secure archiving in order to keep important records.

Data Privacy

In addition to the multiple levels of network security, Graphnet severely restricts its own employee’s access to confidential customer information.  Only designated network personnel are given access to customer information that is stored in or transmitted through our network.  Even then such access is only permitted for network management purposes.  All employees are bound by strict confidentiality obligations. Violation of Graphnet’s confidentiality procedures by any of our employees is grounds for immediate disciplinary action, including dismissal.

Under no circumstances whatsoever does Graphnet make any personal information about our clients available to anyone outside the company.  Our client lists are never sold, rented or accessed for use by any party, other than the client.  No access to the Graphnet’s message store is provided to any unauthorized personnel or to any third party organizations.