Government Organizations

The business of government calls for crucial communications in order to sustain the functions of providing quality public service.  Agencies must be able to accommodate the needs of diverse individuals and organizations, allowing them to conduct business with the government from convenient locations at any time.  Therefore, information needs to be centralized and streamlined to ensure accessibility and efficiency.  However, many agencies today still deploy manual labor for technical tasks that place a burden on employees and cause delays in service.  Graphnet offers outsourced information transport solutions that automate these tedious processes, returning organizational focus to core government areas.

Graphnet’s comprehensive services help your offices:

  • Ensure continuity of government services, regardless of emergencies, outages, or unplanned events
  • Distribute time-sensitive, confidential materials both internally and externally
  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency of government functions
  • Reduce costs to stay within controlled budgets
  • Eliminate administrative and bureaucratic errors in paperwork and management
  • Increase accountability and confidentiality in messaging functions
  • Operate safely on a secure, scalable, and reliable network
  • Speed up important decision-making, as documents are virtually never lost or misrouted

To serve your organization better, our unique solutions are tailored to meet specific client requirements.  Some of the benefits that Graphnet offers include:

  • Data encryption, user authentication, multiple firewalls, and customized filtering to meet security compliancy standards *
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery so agencies never have to worry about data loss
  • Scalable and customizable messaging infrastructure and applications
  • Confidential, accelerated delivery of critical documents
  • Smooth integration with legacy systems and multiple protocols
  • Always-available, secure connectivity to our proprietary Virtual Private Network
  • Data security and information privacy
  • Personalization of messages and documents in fax and email broadcasts
  • A unified messaging platform (fax, email, voice broadcast, and SMS services)
  • Customization of interfaces and messages to maintain agency presence and to comply with requirements *
  • Integration of disparate data located on different systems, in various departments, or in separate offices worldwide

Graphnet has served government industry organizations for years and can help your office handle:

  • Contracts
  • Public notices & time-sensitive announcements
  • News and media updates on city events & issues
  • Crime alerts
  • Emergency notifications
  • Request for proposals
  • Subpoenas
  • Taxpayer forms
  • Property appraisals
  • Other critical & classified documents, materials requiring signatures, or forms

Interested in how Graphnet can help you?  To find out more about our services and solutions, contact us today.

* For more information on security and compliance, visit our Policies section