Healthcare Industry

Today, healthcare organizations face increasing challenges in the social and financial environment.  HIPAA regulations demand that enterprises in the industry allocate increasing amounts of resources toward compliance measures.  Rising costs of insurance premiums coupled with decreasing amounts of reimbursements have pushed healthcare providers to close facilities, leaving entire areas without adequate services.  Medical errors and shortage of nurses have also maimed the quality of service that hospitals are expected to maintain and promote.  With lowered staff personnel, reduced operating budgets, and lack of focus on patient care, the healthcare system has become fraught and encumbered.

Even though Graphnet’s services cannot alleviate all of these problems, we can aid healthcare organizations in refocusing their resources towards providing quality care.  Our information management and transport solutions enable both hospitals and healthcare insurance providers to:

  • Meet HIPAA regulations and stay compliant amidst changing environments*
  • Save on operating costs, reducing budget concerns
  • Increase automation of non-value-added processes
  • Streamline technical business processes
  • Improve security and privacy of critical and personal medical information
  • Keep electronic audit trails of all information sent and received
  • Transport personalized patient information securely
  • Centralize, unify, and customize messaging platforms

These benefits allow medical experts and personnel to focus on core services:

  • Reduced manual input allows medical nurses to spend more time on patient care.
  • Outsourced messaging processes eliminate maintenance costs and issues associated with in-house solutions.
  • Automation frees providers from technical issues, enabling them to deal with patient relations, including coverage issues, healthcare inquiries, and customer support and management.

Graphnet’s cost-effective solutions offer high-quality value-added services and tight integration with different types of systems.  As a pioneering application service provider, Graphnet has served the healthcare industry for over a decade.  To find out more about how our company can help your organization, please Contact Us today.

* For more information on HIPAA Compliance, see the Guarantees & Policies page.