Insurance Industry

Today’s insurance industry is a complex network involving agents, brokers, insurers, reinsurers, and customers.  Spread out across multiple channels of communication, enterprises in this field need to constantly connect, exchange information, and trade with various parties.  Since transactions flow in many directions within this industry, businesses must guarantee confidential and quick transport of critical information.  However, the process of delivering consistent, personalized data has become more intricate due to the storing of policyholder information on separate systems.  Graphnet’s services provide insurance enterprises with the opportunity to integrate these data systems, allowing them to manage all their communications on one single platform.

Graphnet provides an efficient, independent communication layer that streamlines front-end and back-end electronic transactions.  Our cost-efficient, outsourced solutions guarantee end results that are secure, accurate, and fast.  Our platforms ensure straight-through processing, automating and streamlining technical business processes while reducing manual labor.  In addition, Graphnet’s unified communications system guarantees that all messages meet corporate and compliancy standards.

With our solutions, insurance companies can:

  • Deploy unified messaging (fax, email, SMS, voice)
  • Send secure and private information to specified parties
  • Including marketing materials, hard copy documents, photographs, certificates, contracts, etc.
  • Personalize messages and critical documents
  • Integrate data stored on multiple systems
  • Customize company messages and customer/department billing statements
  • Move communications functions offsite to free up space
  • Allocate resources to specialized fields and core business areas
  • Delver bulk broadcasts to agents, brokers, policyholders, and partners
  • Remain competitive with the highest quality value-added features

Many insurance companies currently employ in-house communications systems that require huge investments in time and resources.  Maintenance fees, fax servers, electronic equipment, hardware and software, systems upgrades, training and retention of skilled staff all add to the increasing operating costs of enterprises.  Graphnet ensures that enterprises:

  • Never have to worry about fast-changing technology and rigid regulations
  • Are provided with optimal solutions through service level agreements
  • Save on distribution, maintenance, and operating costs
  • Benefit from enhanced, value-added features
  • Will never need third-party software or secondary vendors
  • Can reduce the need for manual labor, allowing staff to focus on more important business

If you would like to compare outsourced solutions with in-house ones, please visit the Benefits of Outsourced Solutions page.

Graphnet can also help with:

  • Claims, contracts, & other paper-based insurance forms
  • New business applications
  • Policy administration
  • General communications with agents/brokers

With decades of experience, Graphnet is the ideal, single-source solution vendor. To find out more about how we can help your enterprise today, visit the Contact Us page.