Graphnet Inc. recognizes and respects the importance of protecting individuals’ privacy. We have formulated this privacy policy to govern our use and disclosure of individuals’ personal information.

This policy applies to all personal information that Graphnet collects or receives in any manner.

Graphnet provides high-volume and value-added electronic mail, facsimile, voice and SMS messaging services for customers globally. Our customers retain Graphnet to transmit messages and exchange information with their clients. In the course of doing this, customers provide Graphnet with recipients’ personal information. Graphnet simply transmits information based on its customers’ direction and does not change the content of the messages; Graphnet only changes the message format. We do not use or share any personal information that we receive with anyone unless otherwise required by law. We require our customers to provide appropriate identifying and contact information at the beginning or end of the message. Using this contact information, recipients may respond to have their number removed from the customer’s list or to obtain contact information for the customer.