Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industry enterprises are constantly interacting with various parties to ensure supply chain functionality.  Every process in the manufacturing business requires efficient communication in order for these companies to meet customer expectations.  An inadequate transaction protocol among parties can result in lower-quality products, production time lag, reduced company morale, stagnant or reduced ROI, and other negative effects.  Graphnet provides an outsourced communication solution to help companies avoid such risks.

Graphnet offers consultancy, development, and integration services in order to customize solutions to client requirements.  Our services guarantee a secure and scalable unified messaging platform – maintaining business continuity, automating non-value-added manual processes, and freeing up company personnel to focus on core-competent areas.  Graphnet optimizes the ways manufacturing enterprises transport and manage information.

Our solutions can:

  • Help increase ROI and decrease TCO
  • Provide communications among factory workers, employees, customers, suppliers, resellers, retail buyers, business partners, investors, and franchises
  • Personalize critical and sensitive information
  • Customize messages for increased company brand value
  • Ensure secure, always-available connectivity on our Virtual Private Network
  • Offer data security and information privacy with comprehensive policies *
  • Integrate information spread across multiple systems, departments, and locations
  • Guarantee high-quality, enhanced value-added features

We aid manufacturers in transmitting and receiving:

  • Client billing statements
  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Order changes
  • Trade confirmations
  • Shipping notices
  • Human resource documents
  • job assignments
  • Schedules, alerts, & announcements
  • Marketing, sales, promotional materials

Graphnet’s services are tailored with our clients in mind, making sure that your enterprise requirements are met.  Providing over 30 years of service to various enterprises, our company has become a pioneer in the information transport market.  For a consultation, or to find out more about our solutions, visit the Contact Us page today.

* For more information on our policies, visit the Policies page.