Message Indexing

  • Our OCR system will scan inbound messages and generate a text version. It will then store specific key words in a database to allow users to search the contents of a message.
  • Graphnet’s OCR system can also apply intelligent parsing to look for account numbers, reference numbers, and any other data based on the search criteria.
  • It can then be displayed and tracked, making it easier for users to identify their messages.

Intelligent Fax Routing

  • Based on specific key words or number strings we can route messages to any required destination.
  • This allows customers to utilize their fax lines more efficiently, save time transferring/forwarding messages between internal departments, and simplify by eliminating unnecessary fax numbers.

Fax Replies Tracking

  • Outbound messages requiring a reply can have a bar code or a key word added to the outbound fax.
  • That information can then be stored in the database and mark messages as having received a response when the barcode is scanned on return.
  • In addition, our system can also be used to identify outbound messages by an id in the footer.

Form Processing

  • Any kind of form can be scanned, processed, and returned as xml or other data.
  • This data can then be imported into your system or stored safely in ours.

Searchable PDF

  • In the event that users need to find a specific phrase or passage in a very long document, it is very useful to have all inbound fax messages stored as search ready PDF files.