Outsourcing vs. In-house

Why do companies choose to outsource their messaging solutions?  Many realize that outsourcing allows them to cut costs, save valuable time, increase messaging capacity, and restore focus to core business operations.  Based on client feedback over the years, we have compiled a list of factors critical in the choice between in-house and outsourced solutions.  We invite you to take a look and decide what solution is best for your company.

 Issue Advantage Details
Initial Investment Outsource The upfront costs of an in-house solution, including hardware, software, and training, are enormous.
Total Investment Tie Although in some instances in-house solutions can be more cost-effective over a very long period of time, many factors can cause it to require a greater total investment than an outsourced solution. In-house costs can rise sharply when companies overestimate capacity demand, pay for the learning curve of internal staff, and find that they must maintain the system and revise their software.
Time to Implement Outsource Outsourced services are equipped with complete infrastructure and fully-trained support personnel.
Focus of Internal Resources Outsource Outsourcing functions allow you to keep internal resources focused on your core business.
Scalability Outsource A legitimate outsourced system has capacity much larger than the demands of any single client. It can easily accommodate both short-term spikes in user activity and long-term increases in capacity demand.
Flexibility and Control Tie Outsourced solutions are more flexible than in-house ones because of the level of expertise onsite. In-house solutions provide clients with more control over their systems, yet this entails more monitoring and additional labor.
Risk of Change Outsource In-house solutions are risky because they require the company to commit vast amounts of time, resources and capital to the solution. If messaging requirements change, this time and money will have been wasted.
Risk of Lower Than Expected Usage Outsource Because of the large upfront investment of an in-house solution, lower than expected usage results in significant waste of purchased capacity.
Access to Expert Resources Outsource Even though internal staff may become quite adept with an in-house system, they typically hold a wide range of responsibilities and cannot focus all their energy on the messaging system. Outsourced solutions employ dedicated experts and guarantee 24/7 technical support.
Ongoing Internal Resource Requirements Outsource In-house solutions require frequent maintenance and direct involvement in the system’s upkeep. Outsourced solutions do not require this level of attention, as outsourced vendors are responsible for maintaining and updating the system.

Graphnet’s outsourced solutions offer a vast array of benefits, reducing the total cost of ownership for any corporate messaging infrastructure and increasing overall return on investment.  Using our unique services, enterprises can save on hardware, firmware, in-house development, system operations, and maintenance costs.  Companies also save on pay-per-message charges, as Graphnet only bills transmitted and completed calls.

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