Exchange, Outlook & Lotus Notes

  • With our seamless integration services, clients can send faxes directly from their Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and Lotus Notes mailboxes.  
  • Our Web-Fax service allows fax destinations to be specified in the “To” field of an email message.  These destination addresses can be fax numbers or can refer to distribution lists that were preloaded into Graphnet’s systems. Additionally, users can attach a special file, containing a comma-separated list of fax addresses, to the message.  
  • Graphnet also offers a variety of enhanced options including deferred delivery parameters, attention fields, and more.  Custom forms for Outlook users and custom Memos for Lotus Notes users are available upon request.  Tight integration with Lotus Notes global address books and Microsoft Active Directory is also supported.
  • Complimentary to our Web-Fax service, Graphnet also provides fax-to-email solutions for Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.  Each user is assigned an electronic fax number (EFN) that is mapped to that user’s email address.  By default, EFN mapping is implemented on Graphnet’s messaging system and managed by the customers’ personnel through a simple web-based interface. 
  • Clients can also request to keep their own fax numbers and Graphnet will port them to our network.  Any faxes sent to these EFNs or ported numbers are forwarded straight into your email inbox, allowing your enterprise to save costs on fax machines, in-house servers, paper, and maintenance.

MQ Websphere

Graphnet’s MQ Websphere Gateway provides our clients with a powerful platform, as well as an independent, secure, and reliable access method for transmitting data files to Graphnet.  

Unlike simple FTP, which assumes stable network connectivity and therefore will not re-attempt message transmission if communication breaks, MQ Websphere guarantees message delivery. 

The MQ application transmits messages from the send queue to the receiving queue until the entire message has been successfully sent and acknowledged for by the target queue.  Therefore, if an interruption occurs, all queued transmissions will automatically resume transfer once connectivity is reestablished. 

MQ is ideal for instances in which network communication is not always reliable or for scheduled jobs which may get interrupted when maintenance occurs or a server fails.

Key benefits of using the MQ Interface include:

  • Unattended, real-time, and guaranteed electronic delivery and receipt of business-critical documents
  • Additional levels of security through the use of SSL encrypted channels
  • Enhanced efficiency through process automation
  • Expedited communication with partners and quicker response times
  • Ability to maintain existing systems and maximize return on technology investments
  • Customizable status notifications to meet tracking, audit trail and compliancy requirements


Graphnet’s cost-effective information transport solutions integrate smoothly with various CRM and ERP systems to streamline automated electronic delivery of critical business documents.  Our SAP integration solution enables users to send data, invoices, purchase orders, and customer statements directly from their SAP applications.

There are three basic options for integration:

SMTP – This option requires no custom modules or any special configurations.  Users simply deploy the existing SAP program options to send messages in SMTP format to Graphnet’s servers for delivery.

Native SAP Connect – Native SAP Connect is ideal for enterprise clients who require tight integration with their existing systems.  Message statuses are updated directly into the SAP application without the need for custom parsers.  Clients can choose to install a module on their SAP servers or to implement a SAP gateway on Graphnet’s premises.

API/Web Services – Graphnet’s complete suite of Java Messaging APIs and Web Services allows for different levels of integration from any client SAP, CRM, or ERP systems – and all other types of legacy systems.



Graphnet’s suite of services is suitable for enterprises of all industries and can be tailored to meet any client specifications. 

Having offered enterprise business solutions for four decades, Graphnet continues to provide quality products and services to Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. 

For more information on our services, check out the Products page and please do not hesitate to contact us with further inquiries.