SLA Guarantees

Offering enterprise information-transaction services would mean nothing without guarantees of service levels and business continuity. That is why Graphnet consults with each client to prepare a unique Service Level Agreement that optimizes the solutions we provide.

Service Level Agreements, or SLAs, outline overall network availability and network performance levels. In addition, they provide application-specific performance levels such as message turnaround times, system maintenance schedule and system availability metrics.

Each unique SLA is created to enhance Graphnet’s services for that specific client. In this way, there are no ceilings on the services we offer, only room for further growth and expansion.

System Availability

Graphnet’s networks are designed for the highest level of system availability.  Our telephony connector architecture provides for redundancy on the network level and on the component level.  Failure of any single component in this architecture will never affect the entire system.

This ensures that there are no interruptions in service, no loss of calls in progress, and no disruptions to document storage.

Business Continuity

At Graphnet, we focus on maintaining business continuity so that clients can focus on their core enterprise goals. We guarantee that information is never lost in delivery, as our Network Managing System and the entire messaging platform are duplicated on distanced locations.

For example, a client that is assigned a Network Managing System and a Message Switch in New York is also configured on a duplicate system inFrance.

This procedure provides a backup route and plan in case of disasters or technical problems.  In addition, Graphnet can monitor all access to other carriers. Routing can be changed immediately if an issue occurs at a particular location.  This allows us to solve problems rapidly.

Graphnet’s networks are equipped with the latest technology so that Network Operations Center technicians can deal proactively with various issues.

At Graphnet, we have come to expect more from ourselves because we know that our clients expect more from us.  For this reason, we provide optimal solutions by offering scalable and interoperable services, creating client-specific SLAs, maintaining the highest-level system availability, and ensuring business continuity.