SMS Inbound Services

Graphnet’s SMS inbound services are suited for all your enterprise needs, and come bundled with value-added features.

Currently, we offer three main options for incoming messages:

Dedicated “Long” Inbound Number

Clients who wish to receive text messages from anyone, anywhere in the world can be provided with a personal, dedicated “long” inbound number (i.e. +45 12345678).  Allowing for global accessibility, this option offers the safest and securest solution, since the dedicated number is meant only for a single user.  Dedicated long numbers also have the best cost of ownership ratio among Graphnet’s inbound solutions.

Forwarding Options

Once received, each message can be forwarded instantly to an email address or application (fax machine, etc.) by one of the following methods:

  • SMTP
  • HTTP Post
  • FTP
  • Other file transfer protocols


For local or national inbound messaging needs that require simplicity, Graphnet offers shortcodes.  Unlike long numbers, shortcodes consist of four to six digits (i.e. 67773) and are only valid within their assigned country.  Even though the cost of ownership for these numbers is higher, shortcodes are a lot easier to use and implement, providing a competitive advantage because they are easy to remember.

Shared Long Numbers and Shortcodes

Graphnet also gives clients the choice of using shared long numbers or shortcodes.  This option assigns a single number to a network of users, allowing message senders to designate their intended recipient by including a specific code in the beginning of the SMS message.

For example, if John Smith’s company shortcode is 4500, and John’s specific code is 012, then a customer would reach John by sending a message to 4500 with 012 at the beginning of it:

“012 Hello John, how are you? This is your customer, Mrs. Reeds” – sent to 4500

If John’s company long number is +45 23456789, and John’s business partner, Jack, has the email address,, then an investor could reach Jack by sending a message that included Jack’s email address at the beginning:

“ Hello, this is your investor, Bill” – sent to +45 23456789

Specific codes can also designate intended applications, so that the code 123 can designate John’s fax machine, while 012 can designate John’s email inbox.  Therefore if Mrs. Reeds wants to send an SMS to John’s fax machine, she would have to enter 123 instead of 012. Additionally, forwarding options are enabled so that the SMS message sent to Jack is forwarded automatically to his email address.

Shared long numbers and shortcodes are ideal for enterprise clients with multiple users and are a cost-effective solution for groups, departments, and even whole organizations.

With SMS Inbound Mobile Services, clients can:

  • Receive SMS status reports from employees outside the office
  • Run interactive marketing campaigns and competitions
  • Allow customers to contact one’s company easily, cheaply and conveniently
  • Reduce telecommunications costs by eliminating Toll-free numbers

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