SMS Messaging

Graphnet Mobile Solutions

Graphnet’s global system provides leading industries with mobile solutions that are flexible, reliable, and cost-effective. Using a single, simple interface, our services allow enterprises to deliver and receive wireless content worldwide. Leading companies are currently using Graphnet’s wireless solutions for their industry needs including:

  • Electronic Banking
  • Trade Confirmations
  • Event Notifications
  • Public Message Announcements
  • Remote Monitoring of Equipment
  • Marketing Promotions

Servicing markets that include marketing, insurance, finance, government, and many others, Graphnet ensures secure, high-quality, and low-cost solutions.


Graphnet offers several categories of Mobile/SMS service:

Service Class Target Market Description
Performance Business-Business Highest quality of mobile delivery. Recommended for institutional customers using critical applications in the Banking, Insurance, and Government industries.
Functional B2B / B2C Standard functional service with the best quality for the best price. Recommended for non-mission critical applications in various industries.
Economy Business-Consumer Best price for bulk distributions. Recommended for high-volume, non-time sensitive applications and is ideal for Direct Marketing needs.

Value-Added Wireless Messaging:

  • Use for mission critical applications
  • Extend the reach of your corporate messaging
  • Stay updated on business functions, anywhere, anytime

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