SMS Outbound Services

Graphnet outbound is ideal for your business

Need to enable your systems, websites, or applications for SMS capabilities?

Looking for a solutions provider that can offer you a network and integration development?

Graphnet is the ideal solution

Graphnet offers high-quality, simple gateway connectivity for all types of industries.  Our clients use outbound SMS services to send time-sensitive broadcasts and conduct urgent point-to-point communications.  Graphnet’s customers have access to a range of free APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that make it easier to send SMS messages.

These advanced APIs can integrate SMS abilities into existing business technologies effortlessly, allowing users to send SMS messages directly from their desktop or anywhere with an internet connection. Supporting any front-end and legacy systems, we guarantee our clients a direct connection into our unlimited global messaging network.

Graphnet currently offers the following free APIs:

Our XML API is currently our most popular offer. It provides clients with one of the simplest interfaces for submitting messages to our system’s Gateway. Graphnet is able to supply its own set of DTD’s – over various file transfer protocols including FTP and MQ Series – to fulfill your specific needs.

SMTP is another client favorite that is easily-managed. This option allows for conversion of e-mail messages into SMS. SMTP is popular with users who already have an e-mail messaging system, such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes.

Graphnet’s Java Object API is popular with system developers. With a rich set of methods and definitions, it allows users to integrate SMS-sending abilities into their programs.

Additional integration options, such as Web Services or SMPP, are also available!

Feature Functions:

Clients can choose from three different classes of service, each accessible through any of the free API’s described above. Service feature functions are based upon the class of service:

Economy Functional Performance
Binary Support No Some locations Yes
Delivery Receipt Some locations Some locations Yes
Delivery Timeframe Within 24 hours Within 1 hour Immediate
Dynamic Sender Address No No Yes
Flash SMS No Some locations Yes
Logos & Ringtones No Some locations Yes
Plain Text SMS Yes Yes Yes

If you would like to find out more about our SMS capabilities and solutions, contact us.