Support Center

Graphnet’s Support Center is accessible by phone and e-mail.  Our help desk is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Always professional and resourceful, our staff will help answer your questions and tend to your problems immediately.

Customer Care

For existing customers who have a problem, call (800) 327-1800 or email

Technical Support

For existing customers who need technical assistance, call (212) 584-1001 or email

Information about our Support Systems

Graphnet is a service-oriented company. Our goal is to serve the enterprise client and to produce the highest level of satisfaction. In order to achieve that, we have organized our support structure to include the following functions:

Help Desk/Customer Service

Members of this class are thoroughly trained in client gateways and messaging systems to be able to promptly respond to users’ inquiries.

Network Operations

Individuals in this class of staff are responsible for maintaining the network and operating systems, switching applications, client gateways and all dedicated/shared outsourced servers.

For large global accounts, a specific network operator will be assigned for prime time hours, accompanied by a very detailed escalation procedure addressed to second, third, and weekend shifts.

Applications Engineering

This class of staff represents pre- and post- sales technical support that is assigned to each large corporate account. They are thoroughly trained in networking, communications protocols, messaging systems, and the Internet – and can carefully identify the corporate client requirements and create optimized, suitable messaging solutions.

Account Management

This class of staff is comprised of highly skilled marketing/sales individuals that focus on messaging solutions and can professionally interact with Fortune 1000 companies. We train our account managers to become thorough in all matters regarding messaging applications and offer a partner relationship in our effort to establish optimum solutions.