Technology Industry

In today’s rapidly changing markets, enterprises in the technology industry must place special emphasis upon research and development, in order to stay competitive.  However, designing new products and making breakthroughs or advances are insufficient.  They also need to communicate with manufacturers, retail buyers, investors, customers, and sales agents – if they want to succeed financially.  Graphnet helps these companies streamline information transport, allowing them to reallocate resources from extraneous technical processes to essential core areas.

With Graphnet’s services, enterprises in the high-tech, software, and computer services industries can:

  • Manage unified information transport on one platform (including fax, email, SMS, and voice broadcast)
  • Integrate data from separate systems, different departments, or even various office localities
  • Communicate professionally, effectively, and efficiently with prospective customers and investors
  • Personalize documents for increased recipient responsiveness
  • Customize messages to promote company brand value
  • Help businesses save on operating and maintenance costs associated with in-house messaging platforms

Graphnet automates and manages enterprise messaging functions, freeing up IT departments from tedious manual labor and improving employee satisfaction, work quality, and overall staff efficiency.  Our cost-effective, outsourced solutions are comprehensive and never reliant on third party software or hardware.

Graphnet offers:

  • Guaranteed connectivity to our secure, proprietary Virtual Private Network
  • Data security and information privacy *
  • Optimal solutions with client-specific service level agreements *
  • Auxiliary web services, available from any internet-accessible location
  • Tracking and reporting of all communications
  • A scalable network architecture, allowing for unlimited amounts of traffic
  • Enhanced value-added features **

We help you send and receive:

  • Product specifications and alerts
  • Electronic statements
  • Orders and shipping notices
  • Marketing, sales, and promotional documents
  • Analytical reports, guides, manuals, etc.

With our own Research and Development department, we understand the importance of focusing resources on developing new technologies. Providing services for over 30 years, Graphnet is committed to streamlining your enterprise business functions. For more information on how Graphnet can help your company, visit the Contact Us page.

* For more on data security, information privacy, and service level agreements, click here.

** For a complete list of our value-added features, click here.