The Ideal Single-Source Solution Center

Graphnet is a leading provider of integrated messaging platforms.  Bundling applications with transport, our company offers single-source solutions that require no additional hardware or software.  Graphnet ensures top quality services by using the most advanced, cutting-edge technology, designed by our own Research and Development department.

With the extensive capabilities of our professional services, Graphnet provides thorough system-requirements analyses for all clients.  In addition, we guarantee the implementation of all steps required for a smooth transition.  For each customer, Graphnet details a specification for migration, which is broken down incrementally by tasks.  All transition processes are carefully monitored, preventing service interruptions to client end users.

Graphnet’s proprietary technology can be easily customized and integrated in order to comply with specific customer requirements, without relying on third-party software development.  This strength in multi-protocol system integration is a key element in Graphnet’s success.

Over the years, Graphnet has gained valuable experience in offering network integration management for various corporate infrastructures and bundling high-quality value-added services and features with our solutions.  This has given our company the ability to provide the best competitive advantage for our enterprise clients.

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