Transportation Industry

Transportation, Shipping & Logistics

In today’s market, transportation has become a high growth industry, developing global services combined with technological advancements that allow for ever-increasing shipping and logistical improvements.  Communications has been a key factor in the evolution of the industry, providing critical information necessary for business processes.  Company employees must locate products, prioritize tasks, confirm shipping locations, find out about new orders, and ensure guaranteed time delivery.  Without quick and secure data exchange, firms experience delays, errors, and problems that degrade client relations, return on investments, and brand value.

Graphnet, a leading provider of information transport, has served enterprises for over 30 years.  Offering comprehensive, outsourced messaging solutions, we allow you to focus on meeting customer expectations with the highest quality of service.

By automating non-value added processes and streamlining information flow, Graphnet helps clients:

  • Provide guaranteed, prompt and reliable delivery
  • Decrease administrative errors and delays
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Maintain business continuity

Many of today’s transportation companies rely upon fax and email to confirm deliveries, broadcast order placements, alert clients and relevant personnel, notify employees of changes in shipments, send purchase orders, and so on.  However, in bulk, these messaging processes pose a burden to the enterprise’s IT departments, overworking employees and increasing manual labor that spike budget expenses and costs.  Additionally, in-house solutions become a liability, as under-usage, server downtimes, separate systems, and maintenance fees weigh down company processes.

Graphnet offers a unique solution to these problems that is specifically tailored to meet client requirements through consultation, software development, and integration services.  Graphnet provides enterprises with:

  • A unified messaging platform (fax, email, SMS, voice)
  • Customization of applications and messages to promote company brand value and meet regulations
  • Personalization of documents for improved communications and client relations
  • Data security and information privacy
  • Detailed tracking and reporting on sensitive, critical messages
  • Integration of data located on separate systems, or in different departments or geographic locations
  • Message encryption and multiple firewalls for added security
  • Always-available connectivity to our proprietary Virtual Private Network
  • A comprehensive solution that never requires third-party software

Our services enable transportation companies to send:

  • Price quotes
  • Order confirmations
  • Status notices
  • Proof of deliveries
  • Invoices
  • Collection notices
  • Bills of lading
  • Rate charts and rate change alerts
  • Claims
  • Shipping forms and schedules
  • Notifications of shipping changes

To find out more about what Graphnet can offer your enterprise, contact us today.