WayMail is Graphnet’s full-feature broadcast email system, capable of sending hundreds and thousands of emails instantly. It allows users to send broadcast, point-to-point, or group point-to-point emails. Enhanced security features make WayMail an ideal transactional messaging system for progressive businesses. Accessed online through our secure web interface, no client software is ever required!

WayMail provides numerous value-added services, including:


WayMail offers access security options for clients with multiple users. Graphnet can designate IP ranges or multiple IP’s, so that clients may allow additional computers to access WayMail. Client administrators can view the IP ranges allowed, but are restricted from making changes. Computers that are not in the IP range may not login to the system.  This is a useful feature for clients who wish to restrict user access, for example to allow or prohibit employee logins from home.

Client administrators are also allowed to:

  • Set up new user accounts
  • Lock the user name and email address displayed in the “From” field
  • Lock the user billing code field
  • Establish alternate “Reply-to” addresses
  • Set the unsubscribe option to apply to the user or company level

Creating Messages

Full HTML or plain-text messages can be created online, simply and quickly through WayMail’s editor. In addition, users have the option of uploading their own HTML message templates, which can be converted into plain-text with the click of a button. WayMail gives users the ability to save all created messages as templates and store them for reuse whenever needed. For clients with multiple users, these templates may be shared across accounts to save time and labor. To ensure security, templates are locked to prevent editing by other users.

WayMail’s online editor also allows clients to:

  • Create tables for formatting and structuring message data and information
  • Create trackable links for recipients to visit
  • Personalize the subject and text of emails with insert fields (email merge)
  • These fields extract specific data from client-uploaded distribution lists.
  • Create HTML forms and surveys
  • Forms and surveys can have text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, etc. – making it easier for users to design comprehensive questionnaires for business and marketing purposes without using additional survey-creating software.

With these value-added features, WayMail is ideal for creating marketing campaigns. Businesses can send not only broadcast campaign emails but mass surveys and point-to-point personalized transactions.


WayMail’s online editor allows users to insert image files into their HTML messages. These can be uploaded for one-time use or stored for future purposes. Users may host images on WayMail, via Graphnet’s servers, or on their own systems. Additionally, they can decide not to host anything, sending images “inline” by embedding them into the message text. Clients may even combine hosting options with inline sending, making WayMail the only product that offers such comprehensive image transmission services.


WayMail allows clients to upload lists to use immediately and then store for future broadcasts. Users can also upload ad-hoc lists for one-time use. Uploaded lists may contain insert fields (i.e. first name, last name, email address, telephone number, account number, or even mortgage rates) that can be merged when creating personalized messages.

WayMail offers a search function to help locate addresses in any contact list. Uploaded contact lists can be shared across multiple users; however, they are locked to prevent unwanted editing by those who did not originally create the list. Clients may also delete lists at their convenience without having to worry about losing old tracking/delivery reports, as WayMail ensures stable archiving.

WayMail users may enter up to five individual ad-hoc recipient addresses each time they send email broadcasts. Clients can personalize these messages by filling out insert fields for each ad-hoc name. This is ideal for message testing purposes, allowing users to preview their broadcasts prior to mass delivery.

Header & Footer Blocks

Client administrators can create and store header and footer blocks that WayMail will automatically add to any message. With this feature, any client can ensure that all outgoing messages from their employees display the same company headers/footers. Clients can be assured that they will meet FCC CAN-SPAM requirements by attaching headers and footers containing company information to all commercial emails.

Send-a-Friend Links

WayMail enables clients to further their broadcast campaigns by offering send-a-friend link features! Such links can be embedded into an email broadcast manually or automatically. Users have the option of customizing send-a-friend links by adding in leading text, such as “If you love this product and would like to tell your friends about it, click here.”  In addition, recipients can add personalized comments within send-a-friend emails before forwarding the message to their friends. These features help remove the generic and impersonal nature of ordinary send-a-friend links and help clients generate more buzz around their marketing campaigns.

In addition, WayMail offers client reporting on these send-a-friend links. Our advanced tracking technology records which recipients clicked on these links and the number of total clicks. However, reports do not detail the email destinations of those forwarded messages, as this is a privacy concern.

Unsubscribe Feature

As an added feature to help clients comply with FCC CAN-SPAM Requirements, WayMail automatically inserts an unsubscribe link at the bottom of all outbound messages. Recipients who click on the link are taken to a webpage to confirm their email address. When recipients remove themselves, they are sent a final email that verifies their new unsubscribed status. The email also includes a link to re-subscribe, allowing recipients to rejoin email broadcast lists later on.

Delivering Messages

Users can choose to send broadcasts immediately or schedule them to be delivered later. This grants clients the freedom to create messages at their leisure and deliver them at an optimal time.

Clients can create HTML emails or multipart alternative emails (HTML plus plain text format). This latter option ensures that recipients using email programs that only read plain text will still be able to view the message.

In addition, WayMail can keep track of recipients who use systems that do not support complex text. By monitoring domain restrictions, client administrators can opt to send these recipients plain text-only emails with non-tracking links. In doing so, WayMail ensures that email broadcasts can be viewed through any system or program.

When recipients open messages delivered by WayMail, the ‘From’ field will always display the full name of the sender in addition to their email address.  Companies can also choose to insert the names of departments instead of individuals. For example, an email sent by TomBar, who works for sales at ABC, will read: tbar@ABC.com or sales@ABC.com. This way, recipients will always know who is sending them a broadcast. WayMail can also reroute all reply emails to an alternate address at the client domain, so that all email replies to tbar@ABC.com would be sent to sales@ABC.com.

WayMail can also display the recipient’s full name in the email’s “To” field, as long as that information is provided by the client in the distribution list.  Emails that are personally addressed to recipients are less often mistaken for SPAM and therefore unlikely to be deleted before opening.  With this feature, WayMail optimizes the number of people who open your emails.

Lastly, WayMail protects the privacy of your customers by listing only one destination address in the ‘To’ field, making each recipient the sole addressee.  He or she will not be able to view any other names or addresses in your email broadcast.


WayMail users have the option of uploading attachments to their emails.  Attachments may be used once, or saved for repeated useWayMail supports many different file types, although recipients on certain domains may be unable to view attachments if their browser prohibits them from opening these files (as a virus protection measure, for example).

Pull Attachments

Pull attachments serve as alternatives to conventional attachments and avoid size restrictions because they are downloaded via web browser.  They operate through URL links embedded in the text, which are placed either at the end of an email or in another specified location.  Each of these ‘pull links’ are trackable.  Pull files that are plain-text or HTML can include insert fields from client-uploaded distribution lists.  All attachments can be password protected, securing your documents and making insert field attachments ideal for transmitting bank statements, stock buy/sell orders, etc.

Password Protection

WayMail’s optional password protection allows users to restrict access to sensitive information contained in their pull attachments.  Email recipients are given five attempts to enter the correct password, after which a 24-hour lockout period goes into effect and the link is frozen.  This measure ensures that no unauthorized persons can access your pull attachments; with only five tries permitted daily, it would take thirty to forty years to crack the code!  When users enter the correct password, they bypass password entry on their PC for five days. This means that they can directly access pull files in any old or new message during that time period.

Tracking Options

WayMail’s technology allows users to track message delivery and monitor recipient activity within the message.

Summary Reports

Users can generate a summary report of their sent emails, displayed as a table and as a graphic representation.  WayMail provides a breakdown of how many messages were delivered, not delivered, and blocked.  Through within-message tracking, users can view how many recipients opened their email HTMLs, clicked on click-to links, clicked on pull links, or sent send-a-friend requests.  WayMail records both unique and total link clicks for bulk messages.  Reports can be generated for individual broadcasts or a series of broadcasts, as well as for a single point-to-point email or point-to-point emails grouped together.  Viewing options allow users to access their report as an HTML or PDF file.

Detailed Reporting

With detailed reporting, users have the ability to view the status of sent messages.  For each individual email address, users can check whether the message was delivered, not delivered, or blocked, and the reasons for non-delivery.  In addition, WayMail records when the message was delivered and first opened, allowing users to gauge the best time to broadcast emails.  Detailed reports also display the first time each URL is clicked and the total number of URL clicks.  Reports can be sorted by customer number, client name, email address, etc. for easier recipient identification.

Survey Reporting

WayMail makes it easy to manage survey results through survey reporting. Clients can download these reports as .csv files that are sorted by all data, data ranges, or new data collected since last download.

Miscellaneous Features

  • WayMail anchors in-HTML message text
  • When designing a mass email, clients only get a brief shot at the recipient.  Usually readers will decide whether or not to view more of the message from what little they may see in the preview pane of their email. If the message does not interest the recipient because it is too long, they will probably delete the message instead of looking further.   Anchors and bookmarks allow clients to specify several topics in a small space at the top of the message, drawing in readers by enabling them to quickly access desired detailed information.
  • WayMail’s universal keyboard with UTF-8 characters allows you to compose messages in many different languages.
  • WayMail assigns message reference codes and department reference codes so that users can easily manage their sent-message database.
  • Users can customize unsubscribe language.
  • Administrators can view reports for any user.
  • Administrators can turn off the default HTML-opens tracking feature.
  • Administrators can also set preferences for password bypass cookies.
  • Some clients may wish to disable all password bypasses, while some may want to simply shorten the bypass period.

Upcoming features:

  • Track clicked links within HTML attachments/pull attachments.
  • Send trigger emails to recipients who click on embedded links.
  • Send follow-up messages when no links are clicked.
  • Increase automation with enhanced API for machine input.
  • When available, clients will be able to configure their systems (including databases) to create scheduled reports that are sent to WayMail for broadcasting. Users will no longer need to upload distribution lists and configure broadcasts manually.

WayMail is always developing new features based on our client’s needs. In fact, many of our features were generated based upon previously customized client solutions.

WayMail provides a more comprehensive list of value-added features than any other email broadcast product on the market! Contact us today to get your WayMail test account!